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Customers Satisfactory Survey
Customers Satisfactory Survey
Customer Satisfaction Survey:
1,Overall Image_Communicaiton

2,Overall Image_Flexibility

3,Overall Image_Response

4,Product Quality_Mechanical Properties

5,Product Quality_Chemical Composition

6,Product Quality_Dimension Tolerance

7,Product Quality_Surface Condition

8,Product Quality_Packaging

9,Product Quality_R&D Capability

10,Product Delivery_Delivery Speed

11,Product Delivery_Transportation

12,Price_Cost Performance

13,Price_Compared with others

14,Sales_Professional Competence

15,Sales_Technical Documents

16,Sales_After sales Service

17,Sales_Complaint Handling

18,Sales_Dealing with feedback

19,Would you buy our products again?

20,Would you recommend our products to others?

21,Please rank the following options from the most important (1) to the least (10). It will help us to enhance our standards in the future business. , , , , , , , , , ,

A Mechanical & Chemical Performance   B Dimension Tolerance   C Delivery   D Appearance   E Complaint Handling   F After Sales   G Technical Documents   H Staff Behavior   I Brand Image   J Overall Image   

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